The globalsim crane training VR System

GlobalSim, a VR Crane industry leader, has partnered with Probility Crane Training to offer a cutting edge VR simulation platform that combines a comprehensive training program with superb realism, all at an affordable price.

A Complete & portable Crane training system

The GlobalSim VR simulator comes equipped with a headset that offers and unlimited field-of-view in a mixed reality setting, allowing for a completely immersive experience. Just as with our traditional simulator systems, the GlobalSim VR platform uses real equipment controls, joysticks and buttons so operators can become familiar with the actual equipment they will use in the workplace.

What separates the GlobalSim VR platform from others on the market is the seamless integration of real-life controls and technology that allows operators to to see their hands in the virtual environment.


March 6th 2017 75 LBS GlobalSim

Optimized Performance

GlobalSim simulators are designed to screen, train and test operators on equipment familiarization, safety awareness, and operational use improvement in a realistic, yet controlled environment. Our heavy-lift software includes an animated signalman controlled by the instructor and additional training scenario objects specifically designed to simulate the NCCCO certification test course.

The VR Simulator can be purchased as a standalone training system or as a bundled, multiple unit package (volume discounts are available). The flexibility of GlobalSim’s software platform can allow for multiple users to work simultaneously within the same arena.

Watch Our Platform In Action

Construction Crane

Construction companies and unions use GlobalSim crane simulators to train heavy equipment operators all over the world. Our construction simulators use core software specially adapted for the challenges construction companies and heavy-lift training organizations face every day.

Available Construction Cranes:

  •  Mobile Lattice Crawler Crane
  • Tower Crane
  • Hydraulic Telescopic Truck Crane
  • Rough Terrain Crane
  • All Terrain Crane

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The Probility Crane training VR platform is designed, developed, and distributed by the leading companies in crane and the technical training fields.

Base Model Pricing

ProBility Crane Training is the exclusive Distributor of The Globalsim VR Crane System and is offering an affordable Base Package. Our Base Package offers all of the necessary training and courses to help pass the practical NCCCO exam.
One Time Hardware Fee
State of the Art Equipment
Low Monthly Payment
3 Year Software Support
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