Performance Evaluation

The Probility VR Portable VR simulator training system includes a performance evaluation and analysis tool. This tool is used to provide feedback to the student to assist in improving safety and performance. Three analysis tools are provided:

1. Load path graph

2. Joystick movement graph

3. Swing graph

The load path graph shows the path that the hook and load take during the moves in an exercise. The load path graph is a 3D (x, y, z) graph that can be viewed from any angle showing the start and stop locations of a load and the full path that the load takes during the move.

The joystick movement graph shows the joystick deflections that the operator performs during the operation of the crane. The desired movement of the joysticks is slow and controlled movements that will cause less mechanical stress on the crane and lower the possibility of dynamic shocks.

The swing graph shows how much control the student has on the movement of the load during crane operation. The graph indicates the swing and side loading that occurs with the student’s movements. The center of the graph represents the boom tip and the line of the graph shows the amount of swing for the load,



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