Why Probility VR

Probility VR is a company that knows and understands simulation – we have produced and delivered over200 premium simulator training systems to a wide variety of international customers. Our simulators arebeing used daily to decrease accidents and increase productivity. Ports, terminal operators, equipment operator training centers and military institutions all benefit from our simulator training systems. Here are a few other reasons why organizations choose Probility VR:

  • Industry Experience. Probility VR is a recognized leader in simulation. We have a significant amount of industry experience in the field of simulation - particularly with crane simulation. Our software engineers and hardware experts know the questions to ask and have in-depth knowledge relating to simulation systems that goes back decades. Along with simulation expertise, we have a certified crane operator as part of our staff to help with quality control and ensure our simulations have a high degree of realism. Put simply, Probility VR is focused on building the most state-of-the-art simulation systems available in the market today.
  • Motion Technology. Probility VR is widely recognized as the industry leader in motion technology. Our motion base is uniquely engineered to fully simulate the most common movements experienced in real life environments. The end result is an unrivaled feel and fidelity that is conducive for high level training
  • Seamless Interaction between Hardware and Software. Proper simulation requires hardware and software to seamlessly interact to create a realistic training situation. Our engineers and technologist are industry leaders at amalgamating the complex software that includes physics engines and collision models, with the premium hardware to create an unrivaled simulation experience. Probility VR simulators feature an industry best 90 Hz update rate – creating a truly immersive environment.
  • Scenario Generation. Training scenarios are completely unlimited with the Probility VR Scenario Generation Tool. Trainers are only limited by their imagination when creating unique environments and situations. Best of all, our scenario generation tool is easy and intuitive for anyone to learn.
  • Modularity. No two training facilities are alike! Each has their specific needs and budget. Most of our simulators are highly configurable. Crane models can be added or reconfigured after the initial set up – providing more flexibility options to expand training with limited investment.
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